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List of Chinese directors

''The following is a list of notable film directors from Mainland China.''


*Bu Wancang


*Joan Chen , Chinese actress and director.
*Chen Daming, actor-turned-director.
*Chen Kaige , major figure of the Fifth Generation, his epic '''' was the first Chinese film to win Cannes' coveted Palme d'Or.
*Cheng Bugao
*Cai Chusheng , major leftist filmmaker in the 1930s, later fell victim to the Cultural Revolution.
*Cai Shangjun, Chinese screenwriter and director


*Dai Sijie , French novelist and director, born in China.
*Diao Yi'nan , screenwriter and director.
*Du Haibin, Chinese documentary filmmaker


*Feng Gong , comedic actor and sometimes-director.
*Feng Xiaoning , art designer turned director, part of the 1982 graduating class of the Beijing Film Academy
*Feng Xiaogang , director of popular films, including several "New Year" genre films.
*Fei Mu , major director of the 1930s and 1940s, famed for his masterpiece, ''Spring in a Small Town''.


*Gan Xiao'er, Chinese filmmaker who focuses on Christianity.
*Gu Changwei , Chinese cinematographer for many years, has directed two films.
* , Chinese film director and novelist.


*He Jianjun , Sixth Generation director.
*He Ping , director known for mixing Chinese and Western tropes.
*He Qun, director of ''Country Teachers'', Golden Rooster winner of 1994.
*Hou Hsiao-Hsien , leading figure in Taiwan's New Wave cinema.
*Hou Yong, cinematographer for Zhang Yimou, among others; director of ''Jasmine Women''.
*Hu Bingliu, , director ''Live in Peace'', Golden Rooster winner of 1998.
*Hu Mei, Fifth Generation director.
*Huang Jianxin , Fifth Generation director, perhaps best known for his film ''The Black Cannon Incident''.
*Ann Hui, , major female director based in Hong Kong, and a leading figure of the Hong Kong New Wave.
*Huo Jianqi


*Jia Zhangke , leading figure of China's Sixth Generation.
*Jiang Wen , famous Chinese leading man-turned-director.
*, Sixth generation director.


*Lou Ye , Sixth-Generation director whose many run-ins with state authorities have hampered his filmmaking opportunities.
*Li Shaohong , Chinese female director.
* , Sixth-Generation director notable for his film ''Blind Shaft''.
* , one of China's few female directors.
*Liu Bingjian , Sixth-Generation director
*Liu Fendou , primarily a screenwriter for , Liu has recently branched into producing and directing .
*Lu Chuan , Sixth-Generation director notable for the environmental drama ''''.
*Lu Xuechang , Sixth-Generation director.
*Lü Yue , Fifth-Generation cinematographer-turned-director.


*Ma-Xu Weibang
*Ma Liwen, female Chinese director.


*Ning Hao
*Ning Ying


*Peng Xiaolian , female Chinese director known for her Shanghai-based films


* , major director who emerged in post-war China with important films like ''Myriad of Lights''.
*Shen Xiling , important director during the 1930s.
*Shi Dongshan , Lianhua Film Company director active in the 1930s and 1940s.
* , major director of the 1950s.
*Shui Hua , major director of the 1950s and 1960s.
*Shi Runjiu , young director and part of the Sixth Generation.
*Sun Daolin , veteran actor and director.
* , one of the most important early directors of Chinese cinema.
*Sun Zhou , Chinese film director with extensive TV experience; known for his collaborations with Gong Li.


*Tian Zhuangzhuang , major Fifth Generation director, his 1993 film ''Blue Kite'' was banned by China with Tian forced out of filmmaking for nearly ten years before his return with ''Springtime in a Small Town'' in 2001.


*Wan brothers, animators.
**Wan Laiming
**Wan Guchan
**Wan Chaochen
**Wan Dihuan
* , documentary filmmaker.
* , Sixth Generation filmmaker.
*Wang Fen, female Chinese director who debutted with her 2007 film ''The Case''.
*Wang Guangli , modern Chinese director, active since 1997.
*Wang Quan'an , Sixth Generation director, and winner of the 2007 Golden Bear for his film, ''Tuya's Marriage''.
*Wang Shuo , famous novelist, screenwriter, and one-time director of the film, ''Father''
*Wang Xiaoshuai , leading Sixth Generation filmmaker.
*Wei Shiyu Louisa Hong Kong based female Chinese filmmaker, script translator, producer and educator.
*Wong Kar-wai , Hong Kong film director, born in Shanghai.
*Wu Tianming , a member of the so-called "Fourth Generation," his role as head of the Xi'an Film Studio meant he often oversaw the works of several of his successors, notably Zhang Yimou and Chen Kaige.
*Wu Wenguang , documentary filmmaker.
*Wu Yigong , director active in the 1980s and early 1990s, also a film producer.
*Wu Yonggang , a major director from the 1930s, perhaps best known for his silent film, ''The Goddess''.
*Wu Ziniu , Fifth Generation director.


*Xiao Jiang , young female director, debuted with the film ''Electric Shadows''.
*Xie Jin , veteran director active since the 1960s.
*Xu Jinglei , popular actress and director.


*Edward Yang , major figure of Taiwan's New Wave cinema, best known for his film ''Yi Yi''.
*Yang Fengliang, Chinese film director in the 1980s and 1990s.
*Ye Daying
*Yin Li
*Yin Lichuan , female director.
*Ying Liang , independent film director.
*Youxin Yang, Chinese female director.
*Yuan Muzhi , actor and director who gained prominence in the 1930s.


*Zhang Guoli , actor turned director.
*Zhang Junxiang
*Zhang Nuanxing , female Chinese director, best known for her work ''Sacrifice of Youth'' .
*Zhang Shichuan
*Zhang Yibai
*Zhang Yimou , one of the most successful Fifth Generation directors, Zhang's more recent films reflect a shift towards big budget historical epics.
*Zhang Yuan , major figure of the Sixth Generation
*Zheng Junli
*Zheng Zhengqiu , often considered one of the founding fathers of Chinese cinema, associated with the Mingxing Film Company.
*Zhou Xiaowen , Fifth Generation director.
*Zhu Shilin
*, Sixth Generation Director.

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